Insurance Solutions in New Hyde Park, New York

Genatt Specialty Insurance in New Hyde Park, New York, offers creative insurance solutions and superior market access that affords you better coverage and favorable rates. Our entire team is committed to providing you with exemplary service.


Creative Problem-Solving

First and foremost, our company is a problem solving agency. The tougher the problem the more engaged we are at coming up with a solution. Our brokers and support teams thrive under pressure, as that is often where the best and most creative solutions come in. You can rest a little easier knowing our professional team is working to solve your insurance problems.

Superior Market Access

As an exemplary insurance wholesaler, our brokers work with the leading admitted and non-admitted insurance markets. Gaining a high level of trust and respect with our insurers, we have access to the real decision makers high up on the chain of command.

In addition, we maintain exclusive arrangements with several international A-rated insurance carriers. Our market connections provide you with an advantage with rates and coverage. All our carriers are A.M. Best™ rated with a minimum A-rating.


Top-Notch Services

Maintaining a high level of marketplace engagement, our brokers continually research and improve their knowledge on your behalf. Our commitment to you is absolute. We engage in everything from negotiation to market terms to provide you with the best rates and coverage terms. Our brokers go far beyond what others will do for you.

Ease of Doing Business

We understand the pressures you face, as we've been there. The majority of our employees have an abundance of retail business experience. As a result, our focus on delivering exemplary services is near obsessive. Our efforts are done within your time frame and no one else's. You can rely on quick responses and same-day return inquiries.


A Culture of Accountability

Our team is evaluated and rewarded based on the results provided to you. Taking responsibility for our services, we are accountable for the quality and cost efficiency of the programs we recommend. For us, there are no excuses, only accountability.

Contact our office in New Hyde Park, New York, to speak with us about our creative insurance solutions and services.